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Creating Sacred Space ~ Namaste

  • internally with Yoga practices
  • in your surroundings with space clearing
  • in the world with dancing and chanting

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2017 ~ Space Clearing for you ~

* Clearing the physical clutter in the house is like creating space to move and breathe more fully.

* Connecting with the Feng Shui Bagva (map) of your home or workplace allows you to explore any issues that might be blocking you from reaching your full potential.

* Clapping and ringing bells and smudging with incense clears the clutter at a more subtle level.

* Creating an alter and circles of abundance helps tune in to your intuition and clarify your intention in manifesting your truth on earth.

Sessions in your home:
Cost £108 for 3 hours
OR £45 per hour
(plus travel expenses).



There is no lack ...

There is no lack….



with love and thanks Frances namaste


* Contact Frances on: 07891 219 688

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