Swindon Yoga & Massage Centre

Swindon Yoga and Massage Centre in Swindon was open as a centre for health and harmony from September 2011 to December 2013 …..some words and photo’s.

Remembering some of the love and creativity….. in no particular order ….. and no particular preference ….. with some things remembered and some things forgotten but all things valued along the way…

Walls knocked down to create a larger sanctuary ~ painting and re arranging ready for the opening day ~ masses of enthusiasm & help from friends and family, I remember this fondly and the magic of everything falling into place.

Yoga, massage, shiatsu, meditation and pregnancy modules. Singing from the heart and opening celebrations with much fuss and joy and a table laden with celebratory food.

Children’s Yoga, baby massage, family sessions and special needs ~ all ages and stages of life welcome. Breathe, Relax and Meditate, Partner Yoga and Especially for Women Yoga sessions were our Friday night specials. Joint open day with the MS Therapy Centre downstairs ~ mingling and sharing our excitement and values. Inspiring talks and taster sessions and of course again more food.

Weekly classes and weekend courses, taster sessions and on going trainings. Reiki, Acupuncture, Mindfulness, Ashtanga and Elemental….some things blossoming and some things just beginning to get going but always such respect and integrity.

Developing, networking, fundraising and becoming a valuable resource for the community ~ commitment and fun along the way. Meeting and discussions and displays and publicity posters. Cleaning and Space Clearing and fixing and very much enjoying the beautiful space we created.

Masses of connecting and bonding and valuing each other work and offerings ~ never will these connections be lost or forgotten ~ always a treasure trove of love and learning along the way. Guest tutors, therapists, participants, clients, teachers, workshop leaders, students all learning and sharing.

Demolition work out side getting nearer and noisier and vibrating the building more and more until the plant pots jump up and down on the shelves. Keys and fire alarm testing as well as difficult negotiations are all part of the holding of a healing sanctuary.

So much coming together, working, volunteering, earning, learning, sharing and supporting, eating and visioning as well as time spent deeply, deeply relaxing. Bountiful library and little shop, amazing art work and people pulling out all of the stops….and even a newly planted herb garden outside.

In December 2013 the Swindon Yoga and Massage Centre at Bradbury House closed after two very beautiful and creative years mainly because it was becoming impossible to continue with the new demands of the landlords, but also somehow life was calling us in different directions.

It was hoped that there would be a small team with time and energy to create a new Yoga and Holistic Health venue in Swindon for spring 2014. Sadly this has not been the case.

We would like to thank everyone for the part they have played in making the venue such a loving creative and supportive environment. Thank you to all the tutors, therapists, students and clients and everyone who attended or supported SYMC in anyway. And thank you to Gayle and Bindu for this adventure.

SYMC Opening celebrations

SYMC Opening celebrations ~ Gayle leading DO IN practice.

Bradbury House

SYMC. Top Floor, Bradbury House, Swindon.


SYMC visionaries ~ Bindu, Frances & Gayle.

Therapy room2

Warm and vibrant therapy room.

Therapy room1

Deep and nourishing therapy room.

Central display to hope.

Central display to hope.

5th October 2013

Just one example of the lovely creativity at SYMC – 5th October 2013

SYMC Large Yoga Room

SYMC Large Yoga Room – light & bright & warm & cosy & spacious & lovely & enjoyed by many.

One Year Celebrations SYMC ~ Neil, Pennie & Sarah.

One year celebrations in the welcome room.

Rag rug broaches

Beautiful rag rug broaches made on rag rug workshop…

cakes and candles laura b.day 2013

Cakes and candles on Laura’s birthday March 2013.

SYMC One Year Celebrations

SYMC One year celebrations – lovely willow heart commissioned by Eliza.

Gayle, Frances, Bindu.

Gayle, Frances, Bindu.


Cafe 5th Oct 2013.

Happy café on 5th October – Health & Well being day – 2013.




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