Non Violent Communication….

The path for the warrior of love ……

Non Violent Communication

(The path for the warrior of love)

Rolling, Raving, Raging, Rocking.

Lost in a tidal wave of destruction.

Don’t know how to stop the

blocking and the damming

and the retreating and withdrawing.

A tidal wave of destruction

is landing on the beach.

Now a pile of washed

out debris.

Anger, Jealousy, Rage and

Sadness blocking and stacking.

Don’t come near me.

Go away and never look at me again.

Ashamed of myself.

Shame and guilt and blame

crescendoing into each other

to form a wall.

Sadness and sorrow at the seeing this happening.

Witnessing and still an inability to stop.

The fear

and the blaming

and the thrashing

and the lashing.

Stillness comes eventually

and some rest in forgiving and excepting.

But not for long before the thrashing and the

lashing rises up again in me.

Sinking and sinking again into misery.

Don’t look

Don’t see me

Go away and never come back.

Never, never come near me again.

Oh how to ride these waves of destruction

and how to contain this mountain

this backlog of destruction

of runaway feelings

and unmet needs.

Looking for a rest and

longing for some peace.

No more to learning and growing and loving.

No more to learning and growing and loving.

Not feeling safe to open to love.

Maybe it will never happen for me.

Softening again into sadness and sorrow.

Close down.

Lock in.

No one in.

Shut out.

Shut down.





There is a way out.

The NVC way out and still I forget

and resist to use it.

It heightens the feelings and the unmet needs.

To commit to using Non Violent Communication

instead of sinking back into misery.

To commit to using Non Violent Communication instead of sinking back into old patterns of blame is the way of the warrior of love.

It is the path of courage and taking responsibility.

I am regularly wobbly on this path and not courageous.

But it is comforting to know there is this option.

And comforting to know that there are others who have

gone before me who have ingrained this pattern and

skill of Non Violent Communication.

Thank you to Marshall B. Rosenberg

and Leo Sofer

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