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I have been teaching Yoga full time since 2000, and practicing for many more years than that…… and one of my biggest joys is seeing others develop and blossom their own relationship with Yoga and then share it in the world …..

Yoga has helped me through periods of great stress and kept me sane. Yoga has also stretched and grown me and challenged me in many more ways than I can mention. As I am sure you are aware, Yoga is much much more than a sample of exercises to do on a mat. And Yoga is different things at different times to different people. It is wide and expansive and rich and deep. There are layers and layers of learning and discovery and the landscape is very varied….. from asana to ancient wisdom, from deep relaxation to mindfulness in every moment, from pranayama to living in service to life, from chanting and devotion to silence and stillness……

I offer Tutor Support sessions for Yoga Tutors as a way to share some of the joys and challenges of being a Yoga Tutor, a space for all involved to contribute and share and support. It is one of my biggest joys to see others blossom their work and share their unique gifts in a world that needs it deeply.

Behind the scenes of teaching Yoga we promote our work, we set the price and keep accounts, we plan and schedule, hold boundaries and give generously, we take care of our own self nourishment and continual development….. But underneath all of that we must have a deep heart vision for any of the above to work.

What is your vision, what do you value, what matters in life, what makes your heart sing in small and big ways ?

Some of what I value …..


This autumn I have a small group you can join, meeting in my Eco Cabin in Stroud.

Tuesdays, 27th September //25th October // 29th November 2016.

From 10.30am to 12.30 (Cost £36 for 3 sessions).

Yoga Tutors from all traditions welcome ~ with love and thanks Frances namaste

Woodland window

Woodland window

There is no lack ...

There is no lack….


Yoga Cabin

Yoga Cabin







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