Contemplating tragedy and outstanding natural beauty…

Sitting on the cliff, overlooking Widemouth Bay in Cornwall…. Sitting on the cliff, overlooking Widemouth Bay….. Watching the surfers and the sun play with the ocean.

Contemplating, Life, Death, Outstanding Natural Beauty, Tragedy, Obscene Wealth, Obscene Poverty……

Unimaginable shock and trauma of being involved in and witnessing the Grenfell Tower Fire…..shock waves abound the nation …. waves of rage and outrage….. waves of numbness …… and waves of grief….. and questioning that will continue for many months and years…..why, how, who….

And there is one thing I know for sure – if someone has lots of money in the bank but does not know that ‘all life is sacred’, then they live in deep poverty and ignorance, and the world is a little bit more restricted because of that….. a little bit less safe …. a little bit less beautiful.

It may be wise when the dusts settles a little for us all to consider how much time and effort we give to external appearances at the expense of our health and well being, and at the expense of our deep inner needs…..

Some words in response to the Grenfell Tower fire… June 2017

with love and respect Frances ~ Namaste




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