One to One Yoga

British Wheel of Yoga Teacher

British Wheel of Yoga Teacher

Frances Lewis is a British Wheel of Yoga qualified teacher and has been teaching Yoga since 2000. She has a love of Yoga that is clearly visible in her teaching and is dedicated to sharing the gifts of Yoga. Frances is a nurturing and empowering tutor.

Her One to One sessions are a very good opportunity to receive guidance and One to One attention for where ever you are on your Yoga / Life journey.

You may choose One to One Nurturing Yoga sessions including asana / postures, pranayama, relaxation and meditation and Chakra Healing.

You may choose Living life perspective, Following your hearts desire, Well Woman Yoga, or Surfing Support….

* Widemouth Bay, Bude, Cornwall *

 Cost & Duration:

* £45 for one hour.
* £60 for 90 minutes.
Time and / or money exchange welcome with thanks.

Introductory offer – Free YOGA CD to support your home practice when you book your first 3 sessions.

Yoga practice CD Volume 1

Yoga practice CD Volume 1

Yoga Practice CD Volume 2

Yoga Practice CD Volume 2






Contact Frances to book sessions.

“For me what started off as a stretch and relax class once a week has become a way of life. Somewhere on that journey it became a therapeutic practice in times of great stress. Somewhere it became a place where I meet myself in all of my guises.

“Somewhere on the journey my yoga sessions, in class or in my self practice became my spiritual practice and a place where I link with the divine. And then somewhere life became my spiritual practice, how I run my business, how I relate with my children, how I nourish myself as well asana, pranayama, and meditation practice can all be part of my daily spiritual practice.

“So where ever you are on your journey if you would like One to One sessions please contact me to arrange a time.”

with love and thanks Frances ~ Namaste



“As usual I was rushing around, watching the clock to make sure I was on time for my one to one session I had won with Frances. As soon as I met Frances the first thing that struck me was how calm she was. Her yoga studio had a lovley relaxing feel to it with candles and cushions. As soon as I walked in I began to unwind. We went through breathing and stretching exercises and finished with complete body relaxation. The only way I can describe the feeling when I walked out was that I had slept for a week which in my opinion was wonderful. I will defenitely be going back and have recommended Frances to lots of my friend and family. A fantastic experience for anyone.”
Regards Julie


“I must be honest and say that I approached my yoga session with a certain amount of apprehension. After all at 64 I was definitely not ready (or capable!) to contort myself into the positions I remember seeing in articles about yoga. How little I knew! I was greeted at the door by Frances, a tall slim lady who immediately put me at my ease with her calm personality. We walked down the garden into her studio – or should I say another world. The place was warm comfy and serene, only the birdsong breaking the silence. Frances taught me some stretching and breathing exercises. Nothing was too strenuous for my aging body because I was told to only take the moves as far as I felt comfortable. After the exercises cam some deep relaxation techniques – I nearly went to sleep at this point! I left Frances and her studio feeling refreshed and energised, and that night I slept like a baby. If there is anyone reading this who thinks they are too old for yoga, then think again. I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone of any age.”


“Frances generously shares with you the practical wisdom which has brought her success in the world, and facilitates you to see your business from a fresh, creative perspective.  She is very personable and professional, and her skilled support is a great gift which I highly recommend to those wanting to live and work from a more deeply authentic place.”
Love Annabel

Bridge pose

Bridge – Setu Bandhasana

Hug knee

Hug Knee

Dog pose

Dog – Adho Mukha Svanasana

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