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British Wheel of Yoga Teacher

British Wheel of Yoga Teacher

Frances Lewis – is a British Wheel of Yoga qualified teacher. She has been teaching Yoga since 2000 and has a love of Yoga that is clearly visible in her teaching. She is dedicated to sharing the gifts of Yoga and encourages students to develop their own Yoga practice. Frances is a nurturing and empowering tutor.

Why go away on retreat?

“For me it is time to step aside from the usual routine. Time to deepen my Yoga practice – time to linger in my Yoga practice. Time not to rush. Time to eat delicious nourishing food. Time for contemplation and reflection…. Time in beautiful surroundings – time in nature. Time to meet other people who may be on a similar path to me. Time in silence. Time to share. Time to relax, stretch and breathe more fully. Time to connect with myself more fully. All of these things are very nourishing for me at a deep level.

This is what I have found deeply nourishing for myself and is what I would like to offer on these mini retreats.”


I am available for people to have mini retreats in Cornwall. I have a Chalet in Widemouth Bay Holiday Village….It is a 1960’s Holiday Village (it is unassuming – not posh or alternative) it is simple and very comfortable, with a small swimming pool, tennis court, bar, shop and launderette.

Widemouth Bay is in North Cornwall, just south of Bude and it is in an area of wild rugged beauty, with such wide expansive sky and ocean views….  There are beautiful walks along the coastal path and plenty of opportunities to play in the ocean.

Mini Retreats – can be for up to 3 people, for up to 3 days, there are numerous other Chalets to hire, we can share food preparation and plan a retreat schedule to suit those involved…..with time for Yoga and other nourishing options: walking the coastal path, surfing, resting in nature, swimming in the pool, photography or sketching and watching the sun rise and set……Or of course if you prefer a retreat alone, with more time for resting, silence and reflection, then that is a very good option as well.

  • Cost for Yoga sessions on a 3 day retreat for 2 or 3 people is £72 each (including 3 Yoga sessions of 90 minutes long).
  • If you prefer to come alone….we can just arrange one to one sessions to suit you.
  • Costs on top of this include, food to share or eating out at cafe’s and accommodation – many chalets are available to hire in Widemouth Bay Holiday Village.

Please contact me if you are interested on: 07891 219 688.




Thank you


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