Space Clearing

  • Clearing the physical clutter in the house is also like creating space to move and breathe more fully.

* Clapping and ringing bells and smudging with incense clears the clutter at a more subtle level.

  • Connecting with the Feng Shui Bagva (map) of your home or workplace allows you to explore any issues that might be blocking you from reaching your full potential.

* Creating an alter and circles of abundance helps tune in to your intuition and clarify your intention in manifesting your truth on earth.







Would you like to invite me into your home to help shine the light of awareness into the darkest corners and the deepest clutter? Or to help tune into your intuition and clarify your intention in creating the life you desire.

  • Advice on Clutter Busting
  • Leading Sacred Space ritual
  • Creating Circles of Abundance
  • Exploring the Feng Shui map (bagva) in your space (may be just one room or workplace or home) to welcome more flow and harmony into your life.

Any of the above can be combined into a package to suit you.
One to one sessions in your home:
Cost £108 for 3 hours
OR £45 per hour
(plus travel expenses).

NEW …… ‘Sell your home package’ ……

Two full days support with 3 follow up advice sessions, if required, to sell your home. Fee payable when home sells at a % of sale price agreed in advance (minimum amount £2000.00).  Time within which house will sell to be mutually agreed by all involved.

Contact Frances to discuss options and arrange a date.


Thank you for the session at my house, god it is so good to have support and witness you are a space diva
Thank you
love Dawn,
5 rhythms dance tutor.


We all really enjoyed the space clearing this eve. Our home really does feel different, more so than any other time. It feels peaceful, safe, warm and really like it’s ours now. Really lovely to have you here. Thank you very very much ~ Annie 2014


Life is an ever changing cycle of birth, creation and death. In that cycle there are moments of completion, moments of stillness and a sense of order. Out of that stillness comes change and creativity and chaos. And out of the chaos and creativity comes stillness. For many people this cycle of life can become out of balance with some people being mainly stuck in inertia and others being compulsively over busy.

Space clearing will throw up dust and chaos and the clearing of old patterns that we no longer need. It may result in moments of completion – often there are moments of confusion. What it will do is bring us into change. As with any truly creative process it does not always turn out as planned.
When we begin to embrace everything; the resting places and the high energy phases – the birth and the death – the togetherness and the aloneness – the joy and the despair – the love and the fear then there is a real chance for stillness and compassion in everything.
All of everything is fine in the cycle of life. When involved in space clearing it is best to go gently, to take rests in between, and breathe well and follow your intuition.

I have been exploring Space Clearing and the Feng Shui map since 1998. It has been a major part of my journey of transformation along with yoga, expressive dance, and therapy. I have a deep love of nature and ecology.

Most recently I have been exploring:

  • Living more fully in simple abundance
  • Balancing male female energy
  • Deep rest as a place for healing
  • with love and thanks Frances ~ namaste
Swallowhead spring - Avebury

Swallowhead spring – Avebury

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