Well Woman Yoga

 Menopausal Celebrations….

I recommend: Simple Ritual, Creative Pilgrimage, Silence and Solitude, Menopausal Gap Year, Cabin life and lots of deep rest ~  these are some of the ways of celebrating and making sense of this powerful and liberating transformation ……

I recommend giving up the glorification of busy and creating time to rest in the depth of beauty you are inside.

I am available for creating a ritual to honour your transformations
Cost £108 for 3 hours
£45 per hour
(plus travel expenses).

Contact Frances to arrange a date.


Going for gold

Going for gold



Well Woman Yoga has been inspired by my own healing through Yoga (Yoga in it’s fullest sense) as well as my experience of menstruation, motherhood and menopause. I have found it deeply beneficial to connect with my feminine Chakras, (Womb, Heart and Third Eye) and love to share this work with other women.
 Also thank you for your inspiration:

Uma Dinsmore Tuli ~ for Womb Yoga & Yoga Nidra.

Kesty Jakes ~ for Red Hearth House, Stroud.

Alexandra Pope ~ for Wild Power, Discover the Magic of your Menstrual Cycle.

with love and thanks Frances